Why Visiting Egypt is A Good Idea

A lot of individuals think that Egypt is closely linked with museums and pyramids when the truth is that the country offers a whole lot more. It is currently hosting the Holy Land tours that visit various Islamic, Christian and Pharaonic historical sites together with religious monuments and this is just the start of what you are probably not aware of. You can visit a lot of nature linked locations, beach resorts and culturally speaking there is a lot to learn in the country.
Egypt comes with a hot and dry climate so before venturing on any trip you should think about hats, sunscreen, walking shoes and sunglasses. A lot of historical sites do not allow flash photography so you need to bring high speed film and power adapters might be recommended for Americans as Egypt uses 220 Volt power. You should also bring long sleeved shirts and long pants because local dress codes will require them, especially when visiting mosques and churches. Always remember to drink plenty of water during exposure to the desert and all should be perfect.
Any classic tour of Egypt will focus on historical sites linked to Ancient Egypt. Most tourists usually come to the country for a period of 10 to 14 days and the locations that are most popular are
Luxor, Cairo, Aswan and Nile cruises. Most pre-arranged trips start in Cairo due to it holding the largest airport of the country. Trips to Luxor are usually 1 to 2 days long and one day must be reserved for Aswan, located in the south of the country.
Four major religious tours are available and tailored to fit the needs of your religious background. For instance, Muslim tourists will usually opt for an in-depth tour of Islamic towns. A lot of religious tours will also include Pharaonic sites like the Egyptian Antiquity museum and the Pyramids. Nile cruises are usually optional but you could consider one if you are looking for relaxation and education. Nile cruises visit several sites and rural Egypt is highlighted, bringing back a piece of live history and an idea of how people used to live in the country.
You can also go for adrenaline tours that are specialized on golfing, fishing in Lake nasser and desert walking. Even bird watching attractions are present due to Egypt being a migrating path for a lot of bird species. On the other hand, most European tourists will come to the country to relax on a sea and sand holiday and not opt for bird watching. The main thing is that no matter what you may want to do, Egypt does have something for everyone and this is why visiting Egypt is a very good idea.

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