Vacations in Egypt: Major Attractions

Egypt is one of the most famous tourist spot and destination worldwide and is basically located in North Africa. No other country comes close to the Egypt. While we talk about an assortment of magnificent monuments, historical attractions as well as activities.

Egypt is perhaps the finest destination to enjoy leisure
vacations since there are so many attractions as well as spots which are famous all over the world. Approximately 90 percent of the total attractions of Egypt are mainly lined up alongside the Nile River.
By taking a cruise in river Nile one can easily see a number of places. Thus proffers extensive facilities to the tourists. In order to spend leisure vacations in Egypt there are certain attractions where an individual must visit they are as follows:

– Cairo

Cairo is capital of Egypt and the famous Cairo attractions are Khan al Khalili market, which is the largest market in whole world that attracts both the international tourists as well as locals. Another place to visit in Cairo is the Antiquities museum of Egypt that comprises over 107 halls having thousands of artifacts. The most famous museum here is Tutankhamun Gallery. Old Cairo as well as Giza is some other famous attractions.

– Pyramids

In Egypt you will find in excess of 80 pyramids, which were established in between 1500 to 2600 BC. All these pyramids are situated closely to the river Nile. The most talked about pyramids are the Sphinx as well as Giza. Giza has the biggest pyramid, which is basically called up by the name of Great Pyramid having a height of around 481 feet.

– Alexandria

The best spot to visit in Egypt is Alexandria where you can find number of places such as Roma Amphitheater, palace of King Farouk, National Museum of Alexandria as well as Pompeys Pillar.

– Karnak Temples

This is an immense complex involving three chief temples as well as other smaller ones and most popular amongst them is Amuns Temple. It is predictable that these temples were established in duration of around 1300 years.

Luxor Temple

The site of modern Luxor town is the most popular city of the Thebes. Hall of Great Hypostyle is most legendary segment of these sanctuaries.

– Valley of Kings

Valley of kings is basically located onto West Banks of Nile River in Thebes. You can have look at the 62 tombs that are available in the whole valley.
Thus, these are the finest tourist attraction destination where one can spend their leisure vacations in Egypt.

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