Uganda Safari, What to See

Uganda Safari

Author: Richard Dickson

Uganda is increasingly becoming a frequented spot for tourists around the world. With many parks and tourist attractions to see, Uganda will always remain the pearl of Africa. In order to help you enjoy your safari to Uganda, there are some places you must visit, something that will always make you want to come back to Uganda, over and over again. Below are the top destinations you may visit in Uganda.

Bwindi National Park

This is the home of the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda. Perhaps the most interesting park in Uganda where you can track the gorillas in the thick impenetrable forests. Other activities in the park include forest walks and forest birding.
Queen Elizabeth National Park
One of the top visited parks in Uganda. Queen Elizabeth lies in the south western part of Uganda. You can see wildlife in its abudance and the famous tree climbing lions in Ishasha. Activities include game drives, nature walks and a launch cruise.
Murchison Falls National Park
The park is named after the great and mighty Murchison Falls in Uganda. The falls on the Nile provide such a spectacular view that your must not miss. There are plenty of other attractions to see, chimpanzees, kobs, various bird species and so much more.

Kibale Forest

This park is largely known for its primates, You can see the chimpanzees, the baboons, various types of monkeys and other primates. While in the forest, there are nice activities you can engage yourself in, such as forest walks and birding.

Rwenzori Mountains

This is for great hikers, visit the glaciers of the Rwenzori mountains in a circuit of 6 days. The mountain vegetation and the birds especially the Rwenzori turaco is Exciting.
All in all there are many attractions and activities for your safari to Uganda. A visit to other national parks such as Semliki, Elgon, Lake Mburo and Mgahinga are equally wonderful. Explore the pearl of Africa during your next
vacation to Africa.

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