The Delights and Sounds of Jinja

The route to Jinja from Kampala is attempting tourist corridor. It offers all that has for mankind and it reminds one of the abundant choices that lie ahead.

Curious to know more about legendary treasures of Jinja town as indicated I various books. A cruise to Kampala – Nairobi highway to discover for ourselves what makes life on the Nile special.

Before entering the greenery ‘tunnel’ of Mabira forest, tourists may turn right to take a glimpse at the famous Sezibwa falls.

Fifteen minutes to the legendry stream of fertility gives relief to the hundreds of fortune seekers.

A twenty four hour guide and culture custodian keeps watch of the scenic spot and recite the tales of Twin who gave birth to this stream that pauses of sparkling falls and rock caves where the mother lived.

Triggered off by life here, we dash to the mouth of the yet another living future, Mabira forest.

At the mouth is Najembe highway market where travellers make their last shopping stop. Visitors may decide to refresh there with some pieces of rosted bananas, fruits and chicken barbeques.

There are clear views of the woundering spreading sugarcane and tea plantations of Lugazi sugar factory, which form little contours on the apex of the hills and makes the area topography admirable to travellers.

Next to the sugarcane alatataions is the sleepless high way town booming business, lively people and like any other high way trans-border town else where, life is full. Bars and kiosks are open all day through. Beneath on the East of the hustling town lie Jinja- the source of the Nile.

There is a whole world of choice here and choice may spoil one. Jinja may be a shadow of its former self but the residents see the proverbial silver lining in the cloud , in the town ‘s new identity.

The town offers all that a tourist would like to enjoy; the culture of the people and the natural endowments. One wonders where to go in Jinja. After a decade of economic wane, Jinja is rising with a new identity as it stands out as Uganda’s upcoming tourist destination.

Where to go when in Jinja

Bujagali falls: this tourist site changed its face and package to attract more visitors on the Nile. The mixture of tourism activities with the cultural aspect spices up life and brings all people in the community on the new development trend. It is no longer an isolated place on the Nile but a new tourist destination or hot spot attracting thousands of foreign and local tourists monthly.

The place that was contested for by environmentalists and investors over construction of a power dam at the scenic falls 8 years ago is now basking with tourists keeping a tight grip of the great potential. This experiences and excites participant.

Loud vices ate heard all over the site at the end of the valley through the high rhythmic roaring noise of the rapid falls. There is quad biking, racing and village walks. These offer opportunities for community visits and cultural interactions. Canoeing is vibrant here and provides a lot for bird watching, photography, spot fishing and swimming. The traditional rituals, practices and cultural activities at Bujagali falls that doubles as a tourist and cultural site crowns it all.

Source of the Nile: There are two sources of the Nile gardens, one of the Eastern and another on the western bank. All the same, a visitor loses nothing as both sides are just 3 minutes boat ride and with a pair of binoculars, one might not need a cross.

Standing at the concrete monument raised in memory of the European explore, John Hannington Speke who first saw the source of the Nile; and named the falls Ripon in 1862, visitors wonder what the scenery was like before the construction of the Owen falls dam stream that submerged the falls in 1954.

The source of the Nile offers a variety, which if improved upon would turn the town into a Jewel in the East.

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