Orlando Theme Park Tickets: Passes to Entertainment

Author: Anjali Bakshi

Orlando is one of the world’s most visited tourist destination. The largest part of the city revenue comes from the tourism. As per estimated, city attracts 52 million tourists a year, during its peak seasons. This is a city which offers you everything from family fun to an exciting single lifestyle and for that you should have Orlando theme parks tickets.
Disneyland is one of the best places to visit in Orlando. Disneyland houses four theme parks, those offer various attractions with unique features. Adventureland and Fantasmic are such two attractions which have many reasons to attract the visitors.
Adventureland: This land of adventure welcomes you with romance and mystery. The tropical rivers, exotic flowers, the eerie sound of the jungle and adventurous rides make the land most adventurous place at Disneyland. The major attractions of Adventureland are Aladdin’s Oasis- it is a live show, Aladdin and Jasmine re-enact the story of Aladdin. Enchanted Tiki Room- it is a musical show, shows an array of audio- animatronic singing by birds and flowers. Indiana Jones Adventure- It is a thrilling jeep ride through a lost temple. Jungle Cruise- in this attraction you cruise down to the Amazon, the Nile and the Congo with your guide. And Tarzan’s Treehouse- a Tarzan house atop of a tall tree. To enjoy all these attractions Adventureland tickets are must. These
Adventureland tickets are available at the admission of theme park.
Disneyland is not only famous for its rides and attractions, although it offers many wonderful live shows. Fantasmic is same show which attracts large number of visitor everyday. It is a nighttime show where the power of Mickey’s imagination comes to life in an amazing spectacle of water screens, animation, pyrotechnics, leaser, water, and fire effects. And Fantasmic also show live action sequences featuring many favorite Disney characters and villains. To enjoy the show
Fantasmic tickets are must, those can be purchase by online service or at the entry of any Disney’s theme park.

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