Moving From Place to Place in and Around Egypt

Before you confirm your itinerary and make that booking for your next holiday to Egypt, just stop for a moment and consider the old saying that with a holiday – getting there is half the fun.
In this case what I am talking about in not actually getting to Egypt, but more getting around once you are there.
Certain modes of transport are not only cost effective, but they can actually save you money (like overnight trains that get you from a to b and which avoid the need of a hotel for a night)
So lets look at a few of the options which may be available to you

Flights – Internal flights are available to and from all major destinations in Egypt including Cairo,
Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Sharm and Hurghada, just to name a few. The advantages are of course the speed of getting from a to b, the disadvantage is that once you include airport transfers at either end, then they are relatively expensive
Public Buses – Again, they go to and from all the major point and by their very nature they are very cheap indeed. The negative side is that they are not always as clean as they could be, the journeys are long and the timetables are not the most flexible / regular.
Trains – Trains in Egypt are very good indeed and basically they are split into 2 types. Day trains and overnight trains. For long journeys like Cairo to Aswan (or Luxor) and vice versa then overnight train are definitely a good thing to look at. There are 2 types – 1st class, which are like reclining airline seats or Private Sleeper Cabins which give you a bed, an evening meal and breakfast. Some people do alternatively choose day trains, but in my opinion these are long trips (12 hours) and there is relatively not much to see.
Most trips to Egypt will take in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan as standard stops.
Getting from Aswan to Luxor gives 3 options. One is a 3 to 4 hour train ride, which is absolutely fine, but there are 2 more very different options
Feluccas – These are traditional fishing boats, which now are largely used for short pleasure trips for tourists. However you still can go on a longer trip down the Nile (although keep in mind that you will be sleeping on board and under the stars) but if you are adventurous then there is no doubt that this is one very interesting and adventure filled option.
The other Nile option is
Cruise ships – Nile cruise ships are relatively small, but very well equipped and definitely a more luxurious way to explore the Nile. They have superb Cabins, restaurants and bars. Plus most have swimming pools too. An average cruise running from Aswan to Luxor lasts for 4 days and 3 nights and as well as time spent sailing and relaxing you will also have lots of stops along the way at such places as Kom Ombo, Edfu etc as well as seeing the sites of Luxor on arrival.
For most site visits you will almost certainly go by
Private Vehicles / Mini Buses – There will be air conditioned and if booked via a reputable tour company will include your own driver and an English speaking guide.
For desert Safaris
4 x 4 Jeeps are definitely the way to go. They are rugged, Reliable and allow you to go off road and really explore the amazing deserts of Egypt
Our final mode of transport is a fun one
Camels – Ships of the desert. Granted this is not really an option for getting from place to place as such, but for ½ an hour to an hour, this can be a very exciting and different way to see sites like the Pyramids and parts of the west bank of Luxor.

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