Keeping Hot On Winter Vacations

For many who live in areas that see a lot of snow in the wintertime, it is a time of year that they try to stay inside as much as possible and avoid the elements. However, what if the elements were not so cold? Just because it is winter in one region does not mean it is winter everywhere else! While your home may be frozen, there are plenty of places that are warm enough for a relaxing outdoor vacation.
One of the best
vacations to take to escape the cold north is a cruising tour further south. Imagine – instead of shivering in your home, you could be seeing the wonders of Egypt in beautiful weather.
You could take advantage of a cruise that takes you all through this history-rich land, seeing
Luxor and other cities along the Nile River. Some of the nearly weeklong cruises to this region offer tours to wonders such as the Temple of Luxor.
One of the more fun ways to see a region such as this would be on a smaller cruise vessel. Ships such as the Oberoi Shehrazad offer a quaint and personal experience. This ship only sleeps 80 travelers on vacation. Even though it is smaller than the mega cruise ships it does have some great features including a pool, a sun deck and a library.
Another nice outdoor vacation destination to escape the cold is in the Virgin Islands. With a dozen islands to experience along this cruising tour, you will never be at a loss for new things to see and new beaches to experience. While some cruises to this area are a little more expensive, many of them also offer some extras such as snorkeling or scuba dives at the reefs.
Again, if you want a special experience that is much more personal, you should consider a smaller ship. Those like the 66-passenger SV Flying Cloud can take you closer and into more secluded places than a larger cruise ship, and imagine sitting on the deck of that smaller, private ship while sipping a cocktail and watching the sun set on the water.
Had enough of the tropics? How about trying one of many vacations to the Orient? Available are week or longer trips through Ko Khai Nok, Phi Phi, and other islands of Thailand and Malaysia.
One of the smaller ships that
travels this itinerary is the 170 passenger Star Flyer. It’s fancier than you would expect with two swimming pools, an Edwardian library, and decks made of teak
When it comes to being warm, it doesn’t get much warmer than the equator. If this is your cup of tea, you may want to take a trip to Ecuador. Here you can cruise the Amazon River, experiencing the kind of wildlife you see in a National Geographic magazine and getting up close and personal to the rainforest.
The important thing to remember is there is no reason to spend the winter shivering. Your escape from the ice, snow and cold is as easy as booking a cruise somewhere in warmer waters.

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