M.S. Sherry Boat Nile Cruise

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    If you've ever dreamed of exploring ancient Egypt, longed to follow the footsteps of the Pharaohs or imagined the desert sun setting over the deluxe Nile river cruise, you're ready to step aboard a Nile River cruise. For over five thousand years the Nile has been the life route of Egypt and there's simply no better way to experience the wealth of Egyptian history, culture and architecture than on a Nile River cruise. Many Nile Cruises offer all inclusive deals with deluxe luxury standards.



Nile Cruise offers, all inclusive Cruises, 3, 4, 6 and 7 nights & Long Cruise between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Also available at Lake Nasser. Cairo Dinner Cruise with show.

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Sherry Boat nile cruise

Sherry Boat nile cruise 2

Sherry Boat nile cruise 3

Sherry Boat nile cruise 4

Sherry Boat nile cruise Buffet1

Sherry Boat nile cruise Buffet2

Sherry Boat nile cruise Cabin

Sherry Boat nile cruise Cabin1

Sherry Boat nile cruise DeluxeCabin

Sherry Boat nile cruise DeluxeCabin1

Sherry Boat nile cruise DeluxeCabin2

Sherry Boat nile cruise DeluxeCabin3

Sherry Boat nile cruise Hammock

Sherry Boat nile cruise Jacuzzi

Sherry Boat nile cruise Lounge1

Sherry Boat nile cruise Lounge2

Sherry Boat nile cruise Lounge3

Sherry Boat nile cruise Reception1

Sherry Boat nile cruise Reception1a

Sherry Boat nile cruise Reception2

Sherry Boat nile cruise Reception3

Sherry Boat nile cruise Reception3a

Sherry Boat nile cruise Restaurant

Sherry Boat nile cruise Restaurant1

Sherry Boat nile cruise RoomService

Sherry Boat nile cruise Sport

Sherry Boat nile cruise Suite

Sherry Boat nile cruise Sundeck

Sherry Boat nile cruise Sunset

Sherry Boat nile cruise SwimPool

Sherry Boat nile cruise Table

Sherry Boat nile cruise teatime

M.S. Sherry Boat Nile Cruise

Welcome to the M.S. Sherry Boat, one of Egypt's finest luxury Nile Cruises. A Nile River cruise has often been considered one of life's 'must do' experiences when visiting Egypt. What better way to discover Egypt's ancient treasures then cruising aboard the five star M.S. Sherry Boat? Experience unforgettable sights and scenery stretching along the banks of the Nile river between Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt while enjoying luxurious accommodation, mouthwatering cuisine, and a variety of recreational and entertainment options. Voyage the route of the Pharaohs in style..

  • Category: 5 stars
  • Passengers: 126
  • Length: 66.5 M
  • Width: 11.5 M
  • Draft: 1.2 M
  • Passenger Deck: 5
  • 60 standard & superior cabins
  • 1 deluxe cabin & 2 suites
  • Laundry service
  • Individuals safes
  • Color TV, video channels, & music system
  • Hair driers in all cabins
  • Direct dial telephone in each cabin
  • Fully air conditioned (individual control in cabins)
  • Restaurant to accommodate all in one sitting
  • Lounge, discotheque and piano bar
  • Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi & swimming pool bar
  • Sun deck, solarium with recreational facilities
  • Boutique, gift shop and hair dresser
  • All public areas are provided with radio and central music
  • International telephone & fax
  • Fire alarm & protection (smoke detector indicators)
  • Specially treated water with a series of the most recent ultra-violet water desalination stations
  • Main engines: Caterpillar 3 x 250 HP
  • Generators set: Caterpillar 3 x 200 KW in addition to a stand by one 1 X 125 KW
  • Class: The entire ship is built according to the rules and regulations of the Lloyd's register of London including all safety aspects

Sherry Boat is proud of its 60 spacious standard & superior cabins and 1 deluxe cabin in addition to 2 large suites offering you the highest standard of comfort on a cruising boat. All cabins have individually controlled central air-conditioning, a hair drier, IDD telephone, a TV set & video and musical channels.

Standard are equipped with 2 beds that convert into queen size bed & sofa-bed giving the possibility of having a triple cosy accommodation & a sitting area.

Superior cabins are like the standard cabins but are located on the main and upper decks.

The Deluxe cabin offers 2 double beds and a vanity dresser.


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