Getting From A-b

Ways to travel from place to place around the world

Author: Stuart Cheese

One of the perks of my job is experiencing the many ways to travel from place to place around the world.
I have ridden a camel at speed through the desert. Which once I had learned to be at one with the beast was a wonderful experience. I believe that when visiting far off places then you should try things that maybe you would not do at home. Knowing that the people that observe you making a fool of yourself will never see you again.

I have sailed the Nile on a felluca, one of the basic boats of the country which took me on a sunset trip giving me the chance to absorb the stunning countryside and the beautiful natural plants it has to offer.
Then at the opposite end of the scale I have experienced an evening meal on a luxury cruise ship under the stunning starry night sky in Thailand. I must admit that the choice of music amused both myself and a Russian couple that sat on the table beside me. The guy looked towards me with eyebrows raised and said “Titanic?”

I have also travelled on overnight trains in various countries which enabled me to experience sharing sleeping arrangements with complete strangers or how uncomfortable sitting in an ordinary cabin can be for the whole night. I must add that seeing a glorious sunrise from the train window in the early hours when everyone else was asleep was rather special in this foreign country.

The various taxi cabs across the world have been amazing experiences in themselves. In America most of the drivers seem eager to share their stories or lives in intimate exchanges, such as one cab driver in New York that could not wait to share his solution to troublesome passengers. In an animated way he began to quite realistically yell and reach beneath his seat. I was certain that he was going to pull out a gun and I was genuinely scared. In fact he pulled out a crow bar and began waving it about. Needless to say I was very eager to get out of his cab.

In India the Cab drivers may not be as animated but it was here that I learned very quickly how different the rules of the road were. When my driver started honking on his horn soon into the journey, I was sure that we were in for trouble. However it turned out that this was normal in India and it seemed as if it was every man, dog, camel or pedestrian for himself!

All of my travelling experiences are unique in their own way and I could not possible pick a favourite and it is so with the enormous 4×4 that I explored the Icelandic countryside in. I experienced things in that vehicle that I would never have imagined that I would have consciously chosen to do under normal circumstances.

In the air I have been lucky enough to fly with the best and the worst. It would certainly not happen nowadays but roughly 10 years ago I had the good fortune to sit in the cockpit of a plane when it landed, an experience I feel very fortunate to have had considering how much things have changed of late.
All of my experiences have been a rush for one reason or another, whether it be not knowing if the plane that I am in is going to make it or not or whether my taxi driver is sane enough to get me to my destination!

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