Fun In The Sun With Profitable Property In Egypt

If you want to buy a second home, or invest in a holiday home that has the potential for some financial return, invest in a property in a location that you can live with. Investing in a property abroad means being tied to that one location each time you take a break. It will become a second home, so consideration is needed about the type of community you want to be part of, the surrounding culture and your beliefs and the types of amenities you would like nearby. Clubs and pubs may suit some, whereas peace and quiet will be paramount for others. If it really is a money making venture, then compromise is a must. Local shops, public transport and a relatively nearby tourist industry will reap a good financial return.
When it comes to climate, culture, infrastructure and accessibility, Egypt is a perfect choice. The access to and from Europe is well established and it acts as a gateway to Africa and the Middle East. Property development is currently at a high with plenty of agents to lead you through the red tape; and with low property prices that attract high rental rates it’s a wise investment choice. The climate is warm and sunny all year round, and the beaches and clear seas are perfect for diving. Famed of course for the rich culture, Egypt as a holiday destination is a favourite, and as a second home, there will always be some adventure to be had on each visit.
Exploring ancient Egypt has to be in the top ten of anyone’s list of things to do before they die. With the famous pyramids, monuments, temples and museums, the whole of a holiday could be filled with this activity alone. The pyramids of Giza are the best known, but there are seventy other pyramids located along the river Nile. For an unusual visit to the sphinx, there is a sound and light show that takes place in the sphinx complex. Other ancient attractions are the Colossi of Memnon in
Luxor where you can also visit the temple of Rameses II.
Many monuments and attractions can be seen from the river Nile, and with a variety of types of cruises available a boat trip is must for any visitor. A quick cruise will take you on a leisurely glide along the banks of the Nile so you can take in the sights whilst travelling to one of the numerous beaches. Half day and day long cruises are also available; this is a perfect way to take in many of the sights. As the climate changed in ancient times, the population moved closer to the river, making this the predominant place for sightseeing. A handy guide will be on hand to tell the tales of the ancient ways and fulfil curiosity for all that is cultural. If this isn’t quite satisfying enough, and there is plenty of time to relax, a longer cruise is recommended. This way, your trip will involve stopping off at places of interest to explore.
The north coast of Egypt boasts some of the best beaches in the world, with sandy beaches and a favourable summer climate. There are marinas and shopping complexes as well as sports available, so works as a favourable location for a multi faceted holiday. The Red Sea Riviera on the other hand boasts fabulous diving opportunities with stunning coral reefs along an 800km stretch of stunning coastline. However, with a summertime temperature of up to 43 degrees, you may be spending more time in your Egyptian home than expected!

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