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    If you've ever dreamed of exploring ancient Egypt, longed to follow the footsteps of the Pharaohs or imagined the desert sun setting over the deluxe Nile river cruise, you're ready to step aboard a Nile River cruise. For over five thousand years the Nile has been the life route of Egypt and there's simply no better way to experience the wealth of Egyptian history, culture and architecture than on a Nile River cruise. Many Nile Cruises offer all inclusive deals with deluxe luxury standards.


Nile Cruise offers, all inclusive Cruises, 3, 4, 6 and 7 nights & Long Cruise between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Also available at Lake Nasser. Cairo Dinner Cruise with show.

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MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise  Piano Lounge area

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise  Piano Lounge area2

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise  hair dryer

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Bathroom

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Cabin 2

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Cabin 3

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Cabin

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Dining Room

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Dining Room2

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Lounge

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Sun Deck Bar

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Swimming Pool & Sun deck

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise Swimming Pool & Sun deck2

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise lounge3

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise2

MS TiYi Wedding Party Stair Case

MS TiYi - Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise

Ti Yi is one of the luxurious cruises on which you can explore the wonders of the Nile with Elegance and style.


(1410-1340) BC, Queen Ti Yi was the wife of the late 18th dynasty Egyptian ruler Amenhotep III, and mother of Akhenaton the first Egyptian King who called for ONE God for the whole world.

M/S TI-YI Nile Cruise Features:

§ 59 luxury, fully furnished 5-star deluxe rooms plus 3 suites.

§ 3 dining facilities & bars.

§ Reading Room

§ Playing cards room.

§ Swimming pool and open-air jogging track.

§ Gymnasium & massage room.

§ Clinic with emergency medical care.

§ Internet café .

§ Boutique, gift shop and hairdresser

§ 24-hour room service

In your room:

  • n In-room personal safe.
  • n Sound proof windows.
  • n Individual controlled AC.
  • n Telephone with voice mail message.
  • n Full mini bar.
  • n Individual interactive TV Satellite channels. Hairdryer / bathrobe.
  • n Sprinklers, fire retardant & full fire safety measures
  • n Cabin bathroom with walk-in shower.
  • n Music system with daily program.
  • n Deluxe room amenities.
  • n Same day laundry service with express pressing service.
  • n Electronic security locks.

Your Discovery Tour

The Nile is the heart of Egypt, the oldest mankind civilization on earth. The best way to explore its mystery is sailing along the magnificent river, enjoying the glamorous sun by daytime, hugging the full moon with your eyes by night and spending the time of your life on board of M / S TI-YI.

Enjoy visiting the following wonders:

• Luxor & Karnak Temples.

• Valley of the Kings & Queens.

• Hatechepsut Temple.

• Colossi of Memnon.

• Temple of Horus in E'dfu.

• Temple of Kom ombo

• Aswan High Dam, Granite Obelisk.

Elegant Dinning

The ship elegant cuisine provides a perfect collection of delicious meals that takes you in a tour through the different world's cultures and tackles your sophisticated senses

The boat offers:

· Arrival welcome drinks, canapés

· Cocktail receptions & elegant complimentary room amenities

· International breakfast buffet. As well as continental breakfast

· Variety of brunch & lunch set menus.

· Carving & B.B.Q Buffet

· A la cart menu

· Vegetarian choices for lunch & dinner.

· Afternoon tea with cakes and fresh fruits.

· Kids menus

· Selection of themes dinner buffets includes: International, Italian, Asian, Latino Grill, Egyptian & Arabic food.

· Candlelight Gala Dinners on arrival and farewell.

· Lounge bar menu for cocktails and exotic drinks.

Quality Sanitation Management

Ship food production process is controlled and supervised by (CRYSTAL) an international Organization for quality food hygiene and sanitation that implement the HACCP system. To insure the best quality along with the most sophisticated measures to guaranty our clients Maximum satisfaction.

Safety & Emergency Measures

The ship implements and offers:

  • n The latest up to date technology for fire fighting system, sprinklers, smoke & fire detectives.
  • n As well as a team of 50% of the manpower on board, qualified and certified for fire fighting and Emergency assistance.
  • n Safety and emergency brochure upon check in.
  • n A live demonstration on surviving a hotel fire.
  • n Evacuation procedures in case of emergency.


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